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The cat  and the mouse

Once a mouse was walking on the street and saw that cat was folloving him. Cat caught the mouse and the mouse said “Don’t eat me, I will do anything you want” The  Cat said “bring for me a big cheese” Mouse went and said “Now there can I find a big cheese?” And he remembeered that the wife of his friend is a cheese seller “ I will go and say her to give me the biggest cheese, and I will take  it to the cat for letting me alone”. The mouse went to the seller and said “Please, give me the bigest cheese” and the seller gave “ the mouse took the cheese, gave it to the cat and the cat let her free.


The little puppy

Once there was a puppy. He was very ugly and other dogs of the yard mocked him. Once a little child fell into the river, which ran very quickly. From  the big and small dogs only the ugly dog throw himself into the river and saved the child.



The stroke and the old frog

Once the stroke caught an old frog, but he felt sorry for the frog and let him go. “Jump and go away “ said the stroke. Frog became very happy and said “ You were afraid of me, so I am stronger than you, ha-ha-ha” By saying this frog wanted to jump and go away from the stroke, but stroke quickly ate him and flew to catch another frog.




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